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  • Learning how to use the machine
  • 12 months warranty (including the urgent replacement of parts and the machine itself)
  • Technical support during the warranty period and after - by telephone, Skype ...
  • Any spare part is always available
  • Repair and maintenance of engraving machines: "Gefest Graver" Sauno - "Grafik 3K", "Grarver", "Granite", "Almaz", "Frigate", "Brullov", "Bagus".



You should pay attention to the quality of components of engraving technique, when choosing a machine . This strongly affects the period of validity and quality of his work. Not all manufacturers are paying enough attention to the reliability of components. Company "ISEL" Germany AG was founded in 1972. The company produce and assembly precise CNC engraving machines.As well they have an enormous selection of components produced by this company. Spare parts for CNC machines are always available. You can not only buy a ready-made solution, but also to find the exact aluminum profile rails and recirculating ball screw pair, in order to collect the machine yourself.

We managed to build strong partnerships with foreign manufacturers of industrial equipment and spare parts. We use only high-quality components in engraving machines, we produce. German mechanical components significantly increase the reliability and durability of the equipment, improve the accuracy of movement of moving parts, reduce to a minimum the possibility of occurrence of backlash.



As the body of machine we use high-precision aluminum profile production of "ISEL". Company "ISEL" Germany AG is a manufacturer of aluminum profiles, linear guides and ball - screw pair, founded in 1927, quality of products meets international and national standards. The company's products "ISEL" is widely used in machine tool construction companies, manufactured in Europe - in CNC machines and automation devices.


На данный момент "ISEL" Germany AG - это одна из ведущих, производящих линейные направляющие для станков с ЧПУ. "ISEL" снабжает целенаправленно много высокотехнологичных отраслей промышленности компонентами для станков. Профильные направляющие компании “ISEL” применяются в технике линейных перемещений для высокоточного линейного движения.
"ISEL" Germany AG - is one of the leading companies which produce linear guides for CNC machines nowadays. "ISEL" provides many high-tech industries by machine tools and components. Mounting angles of "ISEL" used in linear motion technology for high precision linear motion.


Ball screw pair - is a linear mechanical actuator that converts the rotation into linear motion and vice versa. The use of ball screw made it possible to create a cost-effective, reliable and high-performance mechanisms. Now, we are proud to mention the following qualities: high load capacity, long service life, high axial stiffness, smoothness, high efficiency (85-90%), safety at work at high speeds, which can not be achieved by using a belt drive.
Engraving machines are designed for the most reliable method of mechanical (shock) engraving.